At Carolyn's K9 Retreat, we are passionate about providing the ultimate pampering experience for your beloved dogs. We understand that your furry friends deserve the very best, which is why we have assembled a team of skilled groomers who are dedicated to making your dogs look and feel their absolute best. 

Our prices are carefully selected to give you and your companion the best price. We choose our prices based off of the dogs' weight and hair length. Below you can find a breakdown of each service we offer and range of the prices given.

Puppy Pamper Package($50-$110):

Just because we love them when they're smelly doesn't mean they have to be! With this option. our staff will pamper your pooch with a lavish treatment including: shampoo, condition, blow out, brush out, ear cleaning, nail trim, gland expression, and a breath refresh for an additional charge if desired!

Back Seat Bath($35-$60):

Sometimes pups could use a quick shine-up before jumping into your car. This is our most basic bath service which does not include de-matting or other services included in our full grooming packages, But, we will still get your pup freshened up with basic shampoo and condition before they hop in your car! 

Standard or Stylized Grooming Package($80-$130):

Get your pup a new hairdo! This includes the entire Puppy Pamper Package service as well as a standard trim with a "teddy bear face", or a breed-standard stylized groom.


Tired of feeling like a human pin cushion every time your pup needs their nails trimmed? Why not sit back and relax while Carolyn's staff eases you both through it with this low-stress alternative! A Dremel service can also be added for extra smoothness!