Do you require vaccinations? 

Each dog is required to have received the DHLPP, Bordetella, and Rabies vaccination so that we can continue to maintain a safe environment for all dogs at Carolyn's K9 Retreat. We require all vaccines to be administered by a vet, and do not accept at-home vaccines, except in the case where a vet has performed and provided a titer test confirming your dog's necessary immunities. 

Please bring an up-to-date vaccine record to your Meet and Greet, and thank you for understanding that we cannot welcome a dog on their first day unless we have a valid record of their most recent vaccines and their expiration dates.

Do you require spay/neuter? 

Our requirement for spaying/neutering is one year of age for males and before the first heat cycle for females. This is to ensure no happy accidents occur while you are away! 

How do I book? 

We try to offer multiple ways to book for whichever is most convenient for you. You can text/call from 6am-8pm, email, or Rover. We now use Gingr to manage all our dogs on site. If you have been with us before you can use this website to request a stay. 

What is Gingr/Rover?

These are both offsite services that are used for various doggy daycares around the country! Rover is a dog booking service that we started our business through. However, we urge reoccurring customers to shift away from Rover and go directly through us, as you will be charged a 20% service fee through Rover stays. 

Gingr is a dog management site we use to organize the dogs that are allowed at our retreat. We use this site to allow booking for your dogs and for our staff to know what dogs are coming and going. 


Please email or call us if you have any other questions that were not answered on this page!