Elle: Hi everyone! My name is Elleiana and I’ve been a part of the team here at the retreat for almost a year now! This past year getting to know all your furry friends and the amazing owners and staff at the retreat has been such a ful-filling experience. Getting to work outdoors, hands-on and with dogs is right up my alley! My favorite game to play with the pups is throwing a ball way up high and watching how high they jump! I love getting to know each dogs’ unique personalities and all the new faces that come in excited to be with us :)


Cameron: Hi guys! My name is Cameron and I have been behind the scenes of all of the Facebook posts that you have seen. I started working on-site at the retreat in June while I was in Olympia for the summer but I have moved back to college in the midwest and have been running the social media from afar. During my summer hours, I had the most fun getting to know all of the pups and some of their humans. Throwing balls for Teddy for 4 hours and running around with Biscuit will be times I won’t forget. Outside of this job, I am also a resident advisor and research assistant at college where I am studying psychology and sociology with a minor in criminal justice. I am an extremely motivated individual, as may be evident from the number of things I work on regularly, but I love each of the activities and jobs that I have and wouldn’t have it any other way. Keep an eye out for those Facebook posts and say hi to your pups for me!


Molly: Hello, my name is Molly! I am passionate about caring for dogs and strive to provide them with an environment that is both comfortable and fun! I love working with all your pups and their unique personalities. I like establishing relationships with all the dogs that I meet here and being able to effectively communicate with all of your lovely pups is so rewarding!

Jenny: Jenny began her journey to private canine training and coaching in 2014 and has built her client base through the philosophy that both human and dog should feel confident in their ability to navigate the world. With an emphasis on the relationship between human and canine, Jenny uses balanced training techniques and communication through body language to build trust and achieve a harmonious and respectful relationship. In addition to teaching individual and group classes, she consults with canine daycares on business development and operations throughout the PNW. In her free time Jenny loves roaming around the PNW wilderness and taking it easy with her personal pack of pups.


Tor: Tor has loved dogs all their life, and began working in animal care in 2013. They have experience in both dog daycare and veterinary environments, and love any opportunity to spend the day surrounded by pups. In their free time, they are a writer of both fiction and non-fiction, and recently completed a second undergraduate degree in physics.


Carrie: My name is Carrie, and I started working with Carolyn's K9 Retreat in March, 2024, and I love it! Animals, especially dogs, bring me so much joy, and its an absolute pleasure working with so many different breeds of amazing dogs.

I'm originally from Detroit, MI, and have been in Washington for about three years now. I love the nature Washington has to offer, and the culture it brings. Coffee + Hikes = Perfection!

My partner and I have one pup, a Chihuahua named Peach. She adds so much joy to our lives, and we're blessed to have her. I feel confident saying I am just as happy to interact with your dogs as they are with me! I'm blessed with the opportunity Carolyn's K9 Retreat has given me to work with such paw-some friends!


Ashley: My name is Ashley, and I started working at CKR in March 2024. I have loved dogs since I was a kid, and working with them has solidified my love for dogs as an adult. I have a Huskey of my own named Comet. He means the world to me and brightens my day with his happy tail when I get home.